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Apps, Metronomes, & More

Here are some useful apps, websites and other devices that can be used to help with at home practicing. Practicing on the go with Dr. Suzuki's "Mother Tongue" approach can now be done on the go.  If you find something use not mentioned here, let me know and I will check it out.

Amazing Slow Downer (App)

Just like it says, this app can slow down the music tracks witout changing the original pitch.  Allows students to play along with recordings at slower speeds until they are able to move up to performance tempo



- Download the free 'Lite' version first to test downloading files from the CD to your phone.

(Lite version does not play full file, Full version required, BUT PLEASE TEST FIRST)

- Import All files from your CD to your computer so they are available for future use.

- Only transfer songs you student is currently working on. Delete them after to save space on your devices.

From CD > Computer > Devices:

There are a few ways, the easiest has be to follow the directions on this site. It should be relatively the same for samsung and iphone. (iphone users let me know).

**Be sure you select MP3. It's the difference between a 10Mb file and a 145Mb file***

Side note: once the files are in MP3 format, you can also email one or two files to yourself. Then open and download them.

Using the App...

Once the MP3's are saved to te phone.

  -select songs > select file


  -select lists > create new or edit current > Add > Select file

Once you are on the main screen of the App your can simply hit play then adjust the speed accordingly.

Test it out, try practicing and toying with the functions.  If you like it be sure to purchase and download the full version.

ClearTune (App)

ClearTune is the chromatic tuner I use in the studio. It costs $3.99, but it is still significantly cheaper than purchasing an actual tuner.

There are two main fuctions:

Tuner (click the tuning fork on the left)

Play Sound (digital wave icon on the right)

Convenient Intonation on the go since you will most likely not leave your phones far behind.

Suzuki's "Mother Tongue" approach:

Setting this app to play sound allows for parents to quiz students on their pitches, even on the go.

- Set the octave to 4 > select the pitch and use your voice to match the pitch.

Pitches will be assigned for each student in lessons.

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