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The Suzuki Method utilizes a well known fact that students learn alot from others their own age.  Students participating in group class receive many of the following benefits:

- Learning by watching other students

- Team work

- Character building

- Leadership skills

- Build Confidence

- Seeing others work on music they will soon be working on

and much more.

Group lessons will not be solely focused recital preparation. Students will have a chance to utilize and refine techniques learned in private lessons, through games, group challenges, and other interesting and fun activities.  It is also noted that students participating in group lessons progress at a faster rate than students that only attend private instruction.


Register through Frederick Community College. 



Group lessons will be $___ per student. Students will not be allowed to participate if until payment is received.


A recital fee of $ ___will be due on or before the dress rehearsal date. These fees necessary to help cover any costs that may occur in the efforts of putting together a recital. There are no exceptions.  If you do not have the payment by the end of the rehearsal, students will not be allow to participate in the recital.



Group lessons will be required in order to participate in group recitals. Students will be expected to attend at least 4 of the 6 classes in order to participate in the recital.

Class Schedule for Fall/Winter 

(Saturdays from________)


Class Schedule for Spring 2021(TBA)

(Time of Day TBD)



Oct 4, 2017

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